Stand Up for Camdens Kids

Camden Unison and NUT have launched a campaign to oppose cuts to childrens services in Camden read more

Sign the petition here

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May 26, UK Uncut London action!


I’m contacting London anti-cuts groups to tell you about UK Uncut’s big action in Central London on May 26. More details will be released closer to the time, but we wanted to make contact now so that you can make space for May 26 in your diary – I know that May is looking like a busy month for activists!

The government is slashing our public services and making the most marginalised people in our society pay for an economic crisis they did nothing to cause. It doesn’t have to be this way. In 1948 the UK’s national debt was far larger than it is today, but instead of cutting services and hitting the poorest hardest the NHS and the Welfare State were born. So forget the Queen’s Jubilee and join the only London street party worth going to this summer – UK Uncut’s Great London Street Party. Let’s celebrate the services that are being destroyed, take the fight to the streets and party for our future, a different future, a better future, that we can build together. You can find out more about what will be going on here and here.

This will be a great opportunity for lots of different groups and individuals to come together to show that we are united in our opposition to the government’s cuts, to say that austerity isn’t working and that there are alternatives.

To stay in touch with details of the action, follow @ukuncut on twitter, join the Facebook group, or get in touch with us on email.

See you on the streets!


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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition London Assembly Election Broadcast 2012

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Public rally to launch London TUSC GLA Election campaign In Camden

Thursday 5th April 7.30pm
Exmouth Arms

Starcross Street
Invited speakers

Alex Gordon-Preident of RMT
John Reid RMT London Transport Regional Council Secretary
Ben Sprung Secretary London Region FBU (in a personal capacity)

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is launching a campaign to get elected to the Greater London Authority via the List.
This coalition vows to fight all cutbacks in public services and the NHS throughout London.
We stand solidly behind a Socialist alternative to the cuts, make the bankers and the 1% mega rich billionaires pay, they grow richer and richer by exploiting the 99% of society, and often avoid paying taxation, while working people and the unwaged have to struggle to make ends meet.
We demand services before profit, NO TO ALL CUTS. No cutbacks in social services, education, libraries, nursery and play group facilities, hospitals or transport.
Come to our meeting, WE ARE THE ALTERNATIVE to the three big parties who all support cuts in services.

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12 March, 2012 09:37

Camden property sell-off will fund repairs and development programme

This article was published on at 09.00 GMT on Wednesday 7 March 2012. It was last modified at 11.46 GMT on Wednesday 7 March 2012.

Camden will sell of land and property to fund its housing programme. Photograph: flab/Alamy

It’s been described as the "North Sea oil strategy" by our local press. And it’s certainly making an impression, with the echo of lively public meetings still ringing in my ears.

Introducing our new community investment programme was never going to be easy because, fundamentally, it is a plan B. Facing more than £200m in capital funding cuts from government for schools, plus a housing repairs bill that nearly doubles that, we’re not going to be able to solve all our problems – and there will be some tough decisions over those we can solve.

We’re in a relatively unique position in Camden: in the 1970s the council bought a large portfolio of land across the borough. Despite the economic climate, our inner-London location means property prices continue to rise steadily. However, with responsibility as landlord comes a hefty maintenance bill plus many buildings now at the end of their natural lives.

We are using this as a positive opportunity to look across the council’s portfolio and consider how we can release some of the value of these old buildings and underused land, to reinvest into upgrading our housing stock (which we manage in-house) and community facilities. It will also allow us to create one of the biggest social housing building programmes in the capital with more than 850 new council rent or shared ownership homes planned to be built.

Selling off the family silver? No: we will be selling a smaller percentage of our stock than we redevelop, and we will be able to make some big changes to our neighbourhoods. This includes investing £119m into housing repairs and £117m for our schools and children’s centres.

But crucially the assets for sale are not council homes. One of our key aims is to build more social housing and tackle some of the inequality we know exists in areas with poor quality housing. We are already delivering the first schemes so we know it works.

It won’t all happen overnight. This is a 15-year programme with more than 80 projects in the first phase and more sites to be identified. It’s crucial we genuinely work with local communities. That’s not shorthand for meaningless consultations. It means real examples where local people have been involved in design workshops, on panels to appoint architects and setting up new community bodies to take part in creating their new homes and community facilities.

It’s by no means plain sailing. On some schemes, in order to rebuild community facilities like a school and release cash to fund repairs to existing council homes, we may have to adopt less than a 50:50 split of affordable to private housing to fund the development.

Other projects involve major estate regeneration, moving residents out of their homes while we build them new ones, which of course creates a lot of anxiety. We’ve developed a list of pledges to hopefully give local people some reassurances about their future homes and neighbourhoods. We have promised:

• if you are a Camden tenant you will remain a Camden tenant

• you will not have to move out of the borough or your local area unless you want to

• leaseholders will be compensated for loss of their property by market value plus up to 10%

I’m not sure about the North Sea oil comparison, but I believe it is the right strategy for Camden because our mounting repair bill would cost taxpayers more if we did nothing. It’s a long-term plan that will help us to invest in Camden at a time when we can’t rely on government funding and to improve the public services that our residents value most.

Mike Cooke is chief executive of Camden council

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“Doctor challenges Lansley on PR visit to threatened NHS hospital”

Andrew Lansley visits the Royal Free, one of the hospitals of the NHS, which he and other private healthcare lobbyists masquerading as MPs from the 3 main British political parties intend to hand over to the same private ‘healthcare’ multinationals that run the racket in the US.

© 2012 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
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TUSC Bulletin No 31: Alex Gordon President of RMT selected to lead TUSC GLA list. London launch rally Weds 21 March at 7.15pm

Welcome to our new readers – please distribute this bulletin to your e-mail lists
To subscribe e-mail tuscbulletin
To get involved with TUSC campaigns go here:

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Bulletin No.31
Monday 20 February 2012


Public rally to launch London TUSC GLA campaign: Speakers: Bob Crow, TUSC candidates, plus others to be announced. If you live in London come along and get involved…
Wednesday 21 March, 7.15pm at 235 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8EP. For venue see:

You can see the new TUSC GLA election postcard here:
If you live in London we want you to get involved in the campaign. E-mail tuscbulletin with your borough. We are aiming to set up borough campaign committees so that everyone can get involved locally. Want to campaign for TUSC in your trade union? Then let us know what union you are in at the tusc bulletin e-mail address.

Please make a donation to support the campaign:

President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) selected to lead new trade unionist and socialist electoral challenge for Greater London Assembly Elections in May 2012.
The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has selected Alex Gordon President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) to lead its list for the London Assembly elections due to take place on 3 May 2012. Nick Wrack has been selected No2 on the list. You can find the list so far and the press release here:

Put out a press release announcing your candidates
You can take the structure of the press release and use it for your own campaign. Alex Gordon’s quote as President of the RMT can be used to show national support for your local campaign.

If you are a candidate get yourself on Twitter
Coventry candidate Dave Nellist is on Twitter @davenellist and has over 1200 followers. Martin Powell-Davies, who is on the GLA TUSC list has almost 300 followers @MPDNUT . Remember to tell us if you are on Twitter and TUSC Independent will follow you and retweet @TUSCindependent.

Rugby TUSC calls public meeting to launch 2012 Council election Campaign ‘Why we need anti cuts candidates’
Monday March 19 7.30 Utd Railway Club, Spring St. Main speaker: Nick Wrack (TUSC National Steering Committee and ISN) Rugby TUSC has also bee busy on the media front getting media coverage over its criticism of the Welfare Reform Bill.

Remember: when you announce the launch of your election campaign tell us a tuscbulletin and we will advertise it here.

From the Unions

RMT confirms action on Heathrow Express over sacking of driver and continuing victimisation of RMT activist
Following a massive “Yes” vote for action, rail union RMT has announced a wave of industrial action in support of sacked driver Zahid Majid who, despite a series of meetings, Heathrow Express have refused to reinstate

FBU furious at cuts to fire alarm responses from councillors who voted themselves a 25 per cent increase in their allowances
Devon and Somerset fire crews facing a third year of a pay freeze say they are ‘gobsmacked’ that fire authority councillors voted themselves a 25 per cent increase in allowances. The move came at the same fire authority meeting which cut the fire service response to domestic fire alarms….to save money

Jobs saved at Birmingham Connexions
Birmingham UNISON is celebrating after seeing off the threat of redundancy to more than 100 Connexions staff in the city

Government in court over pension changes
Today, Monday February 20th, seven unions are mounting a legal challenge, on behalf of millions of public sector workers, over what inflation index is used to increase their pensions. The seven unions involved are the CWU, FBU, PCS, NASUWT, POA, Unison and Unite.

GMB members employed by Carillion at Great Western Hospital in Swindon are taking strike action this week
They have planned two protest demonstrations to protest that staff from Zurich Insurance and the Nationwide Building Society are being used as strike breakers

Usdaw secures compensation for former McCowan’s workers
The shop workers Union has secured more than £200,000 compensation for 103 former employees of iconic Scottish sweet manufacturer McCowan’s made redundant when the company folded in October last year.

TK Maxx joins retailers quitting unpaid work scheme for jobseekers
Clothing store chain joins Sainbury’s and Waterstone’s in pulling out as Poundland reviews its policy after human rights case

Information burst

Housing Emergency – Time for an Alternative:

One view of what is going on in Greece:

Dispatches from the Dark Side’ by Gareth Peirce:

Deprivation and death by inequality
This report looks at patterns of death by socioeconomic deprivation. It examines the interaction between deprivation, sex and age group, and place and underlying cause of death. Here:

Government ‘may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters’, scientists fear:

The Impact of Austerity Measures on Households with Children
Relative child poverty is set to increase between 2010–11 and 2015–16 by around 400,000, and absolute child poverty (as defined in the Child Poverty Act (2010)) will increase between 2010–11 and 2015–16 by around 500,000. See:


Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts invites you and your organisation to attend a meeting to discuss election work.
We are keen to ensure that the defence of living standards and public services is top of the agenda in elections and that voters are offered a real choice so that they can vote for candidates prepared to make a stand against the cuts. We will be discussing the strategy outlined in the attached paper. 19.00 on Tuesday 28th Feb, Main Hall, Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place NR2 2SA

Carillion Workers Protest over Strike Breaking
Tuesday 21stFebruary from 11.45am Outside Carillion Facilities Management
8th Floor
1 Eversholt Street

Lobby of Partliament to defend Sixth Form Colleges and 16-19 funding
Thursday 23rd February outside Parliament with a Rally in Committee Room 5 from 2pm. It will be addressed by NUT Deputy Gen Sec, Kevin Courtney and by Toni Pearce, Vice President of the NUS

Lobby Cambridgeshire County Council budget setting meeting
Monday 21 Feb 5pm Cambridgeshire county council, Shire Hall, CB3 0AP Cambridge CB3 0A (Facebook)

UNISON demonstration against North Somerset Council Cuts
Tuesday 21 Feb 2012 5:30pm Town Hall, Weston super Mare BS23 1UJ

Mass protest rally over Kirklees Council cuts.
Wednesday 22 Feb 12:30pm Market Place HD1 2YZ

Stop the attack on UNISON in Swindon
Thursday 23rd February 6pm Lobby of the Full Council Meeting Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon SN1 2JH. Included in the budget is a proposal to cease the central funding of two part-time UNISON posts. The Council is proposing to make the two post-holders redundant.

York Stop the Cuts Council Budget Protest
Thursday 23 Feb 6–8pm, St Helens Sq, York

Protest @ Pickles – Leeds
Saturday 25 Feb 10.30am Assemble Woodhouse Moor to March to City Square The Tory Local Government Conference is being held in Queen’s Hotel, Leeds. Eric Pickles is speaking on the Saturday 25th February, planning the next round of savage cuts

Lambeth Council Cuts Demonstration
Wednesday 29 Feb 6:00pm Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton SW2

European Trade Union Day of Action
Wednesday February 29 In the face of a worsening economic and social situation and the ever-tougher austerity measures being imposed by Europe’s leaders as the only solution, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has called for a European day of action on the eve of the European Council.

Boycott Workfare National Day of Action
Saturday 3 March Currently there are actions in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Central London, Sheffieldand Tunbridge Wells – see website or facebook for details

TUSC information
You can find out more about TUSC at:
To donate to TUSC go here:

To: Unsubscribe / Change Profile

TUSC aims to bring trade unionists, socialists and anti-cuts campaigners together to stand candidates at elections who are committed to representing working-class interests. Resistance to the cuts is vital, but we also need a political alternative to the policies of cuts and privatisation. TUSC believes that a new working-class party is needed that campaigns for a democratic socialist society run in the interests of the millions not the millionaires.

PLEASE take out a standing order to support TUSC
Standing Order Mandate: Please print out, complete & return to: TUSC, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, London E1 4JP

To the manager:

Name of your bank
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Please pay to:

Sort Code 60-12-14 Account Number: 28073002
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The sum of £ (amount in figures) (amount in words)

Date of first payment and monthly thereafter on the day of the month until further notice in writing

Signature __________________________ Your Name____________________

Your address__________________________________________________

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